Native Citrus Drink Infusion by The Balmain Barmaid

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Up your drinks game with The Balmain Barmaid – Native Citrus Drink Infusion. Consisting of six individual pre-prepared cocktail and mocktail sachets.

The Native Citrus Infusion is an exciting mix of zesty Australian native finger limes (citrus caviar), mountain lemon and lime which harmoniously compliments the native lemon myrtle.  The amalgamation of these fruits and botanicals is truly amazing and unlike any lemon and lime mix you have tasted. The appearance, taste and aroma will instantly transform you to a nostalgic Australian sunset!

Simply pour your pre-prepared Native Citrus Drink Infusion sachet into a fabulous-looking glass. Top up with your alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of choice and watch as the infusion transforms your drink into a delicious, aromatic, stunning-looking cocktail or mocktail.

Wow your guests, liven up your next dinner party, attach a sachet to each guest’s glass as a party favour at your next event, create an indulgent moment for one or simply gift the box and spoil a loved one.  These versatile drink infusions are sure to impress!

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