The Balmain Barmaid
The Balmain Barmaid
The Balmain Barmaid

The Balmain Barmaid

adding theatre, intrigue and taste sensations to bars, date nights and special occasions across the globe
We interviewed The Balmain Barmaid (TBB) and asked what prompted her to open The Balmain Barmaid?

It was the right time for me. I was ready to draw upon my experience, expertise and passion to create a business and products that I would buy and love.

How has your style and taste influenced the brand and how does TBB differ from the market?

I enjoy following and keeping up with emerging trends in design, food and beverage, yet my fundamental style is apparent. Elegant and luxurious yet minimal, calming and uncomplicated. The products reflect this.

Why the name The Balmain Barmaid?

I have been a resident of Balmain and its surrounding suburbs for a long time. It is the home of TBB, where the products are developed, manufactured and distributed. I adore everything the area has to offer – cozy bars, boutiques, the harbour, the restaurants and the people. In a sense, TBB is a testament to the area and the area to the brand.

What would you like to say to those buying your products?

A big thank you! I hope you enjoy your order/s. Take your time, read the instructions and let the products take you on a journey. Keep an eye on the website and socials for upcoming products, competitions and recipes.

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