Blushing Bubbles Cocktail Mocktail Infusion

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Blushing Bubbles Drink Infusion. Perfect for celebrations. Transforming standard beverage bubbles into the extraordinary. So gather your tribe and champagne coupe’s today!

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Blushing Bubbles by The Balmain Barmaid are Mocktail and Cocktail Drink Infusions.  Six sachets per box, effortlessly transforms standard beverage bubbles such as, champagne, prosecco, lemonade, soda water and more into extraordinary cocktails and mocktails.

Blushing Bubbles boasts sweet lychee which is perfectly balanced by blushing tart raspberry and finished off beautifully with aromatic romantic rose. This blushing cocktail and mocktail will be adored! Picture yourself surrounded by your best friends at a fabulous Hen’s Day, clinking glasses at a dazzling briday shower, toasting to another glorious year on your birthday, or raising a glass with the mum to be at the baby shower.

With six sachets per box you can spoil yourself and your tribe, so gather the champagne coupe’s and make a toast to unforgettable moments, with Blushing Bubbles.

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